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Residential Security Fences

When you’re looking for the best in residential security fencing in Chicagoland, come to First Fence Company. Backed by three decades of industry experience, we’re here to help you protect your home and the people inside it.

Our residential security fences create powerful visual deterrents to unwanted visitors, allow you to better control access to your property, and protect kids or pets that are playing outside. When you choose our residential security fencing for your property, you’ll gain peace of mind and your home will gain value.

Why Residential Security Fencing Is So Valuable

Your home and family are precious, and security fencing is an effective way to protect them. Whether you live in an area where crime is a concern or you just want the added security of a fence lining your property, First Fence Company can help.

A well-designed, secure fence surrounding your home communicates a clear message to potential intruders: stay away. It also indicates that you take security seriously. At First Fence Company, we specialize in strong, protective fences that enhance the security of residential properties. Come to us for any kind of security fence repair and installation in Chicago.

Types of Security Fencing and Add-Ons

Our catalog of quality products includes a wide range of options for security fencing. Choose from more than 100 different styles of fencing materials, including several that are hard to find elsewhere.

Whether you choose wood, vinyl (PVC), chain link, aluminum, steel, iron or another option, you can count on us to make your new fence as secure, durable and attractive as possible.

We also design custom security fences at the customer’s request. Here are some of the features that can make your security fence even more protective:

  • Height — We can build your security fence extra high to enhance your home’s protection. Security fences are typically 54 inches or higher, but you’ll want to check your local fence ordinance to see what is allowed in your town.
  • Fence tops — To discourage would-be intruders from climbing the fence, we can put points, spears or other designs at the top of the pickets.
  • Gates — Eliminate easy access by including a locking security gate in your fence design.
  • Rails — The fewer individual rails that are in your fence, the harder it becomes for someone to penetrate the barrier. First Fence Company can help you create a fence that is as impenetrable as possible.

Why Work With First Fence Company

When you’re interested in security fence repair and installation in Chicago, First Fence Company is the company to trust. We not only have 30 years of experience, but we also have a track record of exceeding our clients’ expectations. We’re proud to say that most of our business comes through referrals and repeat customers.

Get in touch with us to discuss the many fencing options we offer, as well as the opportunity to design a custom solution to your needs. First Fence Company is here to provide the right fencing for your home. Let’s get started today!

Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

Start Your Free Estimate