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Residential Fence Installation In Chicago

A well-constructed fence provides privacy and safety, enhances curb appeal, and boosts the value of your property. If you’re thinking about investing in a new fence — or rebuilding an existing one — First Fence Company, serving the Chicago metropolitan area, can help you make the best choices for your needs and budget.


We carry more than 100 styles of fence material, including several hard-to-find specialty products. Explore our material options below, and then contact us to schedule an appointment with a consultant.

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Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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Custom-Designed Fences

When only the perfect fence will do, consider the possibilities available to you from First Fence Company. As an industry-leading provider of residential fence installation, repair and design services here in Chicagoland, First Fence Company is proud to offer custom wood fence designs, custom vinyl fence designs and more — all specially built to our clients’ needs. When we custom-design fences, we create unique, high-quality fencing products that are ideal for their intended properties. Bring us your desires and ideas, and let us craft a solution perfectly tailored to you.

Benefits of Custom-Made Fences

The obvious benefit of a custom fence is getting a product designed to your specifications. Do you have a historic home that needs a fence to match its character? Let us create a custom fence with stunning architectural appeal. Is your property hilly, uneven or marked by slopes of some kind? Trust our experts to build the kind of fence that can meet that topography. Customization allows you to tailor your design to your needs and preferences, giving you a one-of-a-kind option.

Types of Fencing Materials Available

Today, when it comes to custom-made fences, there are many kinds of fencing materials available, as well as a wide range of design possibilities. We carry more than 100 styles of fence materials, as well as several that are especially hard to find. This includes wood, vinyl (PVC), chain link, aluminum, ornamental steel and iron. On top of that, we can custom-design your fence to meet various needs — from specific functionalities to a particular look you like.

With a custom-designed fence, the sky is the limit! Maybe you need a fence to match your historic home, or you want to build a fence that stands out from your neighbors’. No matter your vision, we can help bring it to life. We offer an incredible range of fencing materials and products that are difficult to find elsewhere.

About First Fence Company

We are known throughout the Chicago area for being the fence installation company that delivers quality craftsmanship on every job. Since our founding in 1989, we’ve made it our mission to exceed clients’ expectations — in fact, that’s why most of our business today comes through referrals and repeat customers. To learn more, call 708-547-7555, fill out the form above or contact us online. We’ll be glad to craft just the right fencing solution for your home!

Wood Fences In Chicago

It’s hard to beat the timeless appeal of wood fencing in Chicago. Whether you’re enclosing a backyard with added privacy or defining a front yard with a charming picket fence, wood fences offer wonderful aesthetic appeal. At First Fence Company, we offer an expansive selection of high-quality wood fences in a variety of designs. From simple styles to custom options, we can help you create a fence that fits your preferences and budget.

Vinyl (PVC) Fences

As the leading PVC fence company in Chicago, First Fence Company is the No. 1 place to go for the kind of residential vinyl fence you can count on to last for years to come. We have a large catalog of fencing options that includes many styles of attractive vinyl fencing, including wood-grain patterns that mimic the look of the real thing. A maintenance-free fencing choice, vinyl PVC fencing never needs painting, staining or sanding of any kind. It keeps looking good year after year, giving you a durable, reliable property barrier that’s equally attractive and resilient. Why not complete your home with one of the most popular, attractive fencing products on the market?

Chain Link Fences in Chicago and Suburbs

Secure, safe and maintenance free. Protect your pets or children, enclose the boundaries of your yard, and complete your property with this low-cost fencing option that boosts both security and safety at your site. When you’re looking for a durable, economical, new fence for your home, chain link material offers a long-lasting, maintenance-free option at an affordable price.

Aluminum Fences

Enjoy the elegant look of wrought iron at a fraction of the cost — choose aluminum fencing in Chicago. The beauty of aluminum is that it makes an excellent, economical fencing alternative to wrought iron, one that can provide maintenance-free security for years to come. Plus, at First Fence Company, we offer a variety of styles for you to choose from for your aluminum fence in Chicago, so there are lots of ways to customize the style to your preferences.

Ornamental Steel Fence Services In Chicago

Whenever you’re after unparalleled elegance for your home or business, it’s hard to beat the beauty and appeal of an ornamental steel fence. Whether you’re enclosing a large estate, a commercial park, an apartment complex or another site, when you do it with ornamental fences in Chicago, you know it will look beautiful and professional. Available in a wide variety of designs, these upscale fences feature maintenance-free coatings, durable construction and the added strength that comes from welded steel. First Fence Company is proud to be the leading ornamental fence company in Chicago — your resource for steel fences that will last for years to come.

Iron Fences

There’s nothing like the look of wrought iron to dress up a property. That’s why, when you want to boost your home’s elegance and charm, a wrought iron fence is a great way to go. At First Fence Company, we have decades of experience creating durable, eye-catching wrought iron fences for our clients. When you come to us for an iron fence in Chicagoland, you know you’re getting the best in the industry.

The Decorative Appeal of a Metal Fence

If there’s one thing you can count on with an iron fence in Chicago, it’s the aesthetics. Wrought iron fencing is incomparable in terms of intricate beauty. Often found on estates, manors and high-end buildings, iron fences are associated with quality and luxury. On top of that, they’re strong, durable and able to enhance property security.

Using Iron Fences in Residential Settings

While they are traditionally associated with estates, iron fences look stunning in typical residential settings, as well. Give your home a distinct beauty that makes it stand out in the neighborhood. Adding a wrought iron fence in Chicago is a great way to take your home’s aesthetics to the next level.

When it comes to fencing options, iron is a beautiful, classic material that provides a great deal of security. There are endless options when it comes to designing with wrought iron. Whether modern or traditional, our custom iron specialists can help you create a stunning fence. Ask about our durable, powder-coated finish to help extend the life of your iron fence.

About First Fence Company

In Chicago and its surrounding suburbs, First Fence Company stands out as the expert fence provider you can trust. Since our founding in 1989, we’ve been giving local clients the best in fencing options and repair services. In fact, most of our business today comes from repeat customers and referrals.

We offer a large catalog of products, which includes stunning ornamental wrought iron designs. If you’re ready to learn more about adding a wrought iron fence to your home, get in touch.

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We Do More Than Just Fences!

You’ll quickly learn that First Fence Company is more than your trusted fencing company in Chicagoland — thanks to the wood-working expertise of our commercial fence contractors, we are also the company you can trust to create beautiful pergolas, trellises and other custom wood structures.

First Fence Company is here to help you take your custom wood project all the way from first concept to beautifully unique, final project. Picture your yard or other location decked out with one of our stunning structures, and finally have the property of your dreams!

Residential Fence Repair

When the fence you have at your home sustains weather damage, vandalism, an accident, or just typical wear and tear, First Fence Company, serving the entire Chicagoland area, is here to provide trustworthy fence repairs. Our consultants work with you to decide the best approach to fixing damages, whether that means replacing a few boards, fixing a bent post, or replacing an entire section.

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Not only does First Fence install mason pillars, we also install Unilock Olde Quarry pillars. This material creates a unique weathered appearance and provides an ideal alternative to traditional mason products.

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