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Commercial and Specialty Fences

Do you want to safeguard your equipment or personnel with extra security? Commercial metal fencing can deter intruders. A commercial privacy fence can block the views of passers-by. Are you interested in enhancing the aesthetics of your location? A commercial fence installation can help there, too.

When you’re looking to add on to your business’s exterior, First Fence Company is the specialty fence company that provides quality products to fit your needs. From a commercial vinyl fence to a wrought iron fence, we offer a wide range of styles for business, industrial, and recreational environments, including materials for heightened security and durability. Whether you’ve got a warehouse to protect or a cultural center to beautify, our commercial fence contractors in Chicagoland provide what you need. We’re the best source in the area when you need a commercial fence and iron works that can improve the look and functionality of your facility.


The advantage of commercial fencing and gates in Chicagoland is all the value they can add to a property. Whether you’re talking commercial metal fencing, wood fencing or another design, there are so many benefits available with a quality fence:

  • Improve the functionality of your entrances and exits — Having a designated gate for entrances and exits will improve the flow of traffic through your property.
  • Heighten your security — A commercial privacy fence also can protect your business from theft, vandalism and other potential criminal activity.
  • Breathe easier knowing your fence will stand up to severe weather with excellent durability — A high-quality, well-designed commercial fence can last for many years under even the harshest conditions.
  • Boost the curb appeal of your location — Not only can it provide you with a more aesthetically pleasing look, but a quality fence also can hide unsightly equipment and give your building a cleaner, more professional appearance.


When you’re looking for the best commercial fence company in Chicagoland, First Fence Company is the place to go. We not only offer a large selection of well-built, resilient, attractive designs, but we also do more than fences. From pillars, pergolas and trellises to any custom wood structure you need, talk to us. Explore the options below and then contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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Industrial and Recreational Fencing

Whether it’s an industrial privacy fence around a garbage enclosure or barbed wire fences around an area you need to keep extra secure, First Fence Company provides a large selection of quality industrial fencing in Chicagoland to help you complete your property.

We Do More Than Just Fences!

You’ll quickly learn that First Fence Company is more than your trusted fencing company in Chicagoland — thanks to the wood-working expertise of our commercial fence contractors, we are also the company you can trust to create beautiful pergolas, trellises and other custom wood structures.

Access Control

Enhance security and convenience at your property with an access control panel. Designed to allow entry only after a visitor inputs a code or presses a transmitter on a gate call box, an access control panel is a solid defense against intruders. It allows you to determine who enters and when. If you’re interested in giving your facility an access control system in Chicagoland, First Fence Company is at your service. You can trust us to safeguard your property with a quality wireless gate call box.


Commercial and Specialty Fence Repairs

Do you have an existing fence around your business that needs repair? Have you been looking for a trustworthy company to help with wood, vinyl or iron fence repair? First Fence Company is the commercial fence company that you can trust to help! When you call First Fence, our consultants help you decide the best approach for commercial fence repair — whether that means replacing a few boards, fixing a bent post, or replacing an entire section.


When your automatic gate isn’t working properly and you don’t have time to waste, contact First Fence Company to receive personalized attention and prompt electric gate repair. As Chicagoland’s leading provider of residential and commercial fencing, we not only sell and install fences but also offer expert automatic gate repair.

Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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