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Enhance security and convenience at your property with an access control panel. Designed to allow entry only after a visitor inputs a code or presses a transmitter on a gate call box, an access control panel is a solid defense against intruders. It allows you to determine who enters and when. If you’re interested in giving your facility gate access control in Chicago, First Fence Company is at your service. You can trust us to safeguard your property with a quality wireless gate call box.

Backed by decades of experience, our skilled experts install and service security gates and operators. Whether you want to add a new entry gate call box or need someone to repair your existing access control system, we’re your go-to resource.


A commercial or residential gate call box is a significant property asset wherever you want extra protection. From industrial warehouses to gated subdivisions, an access control panel serves as a deterrent to unwanted visitors.

Consider some of the benefits offered by a gate access control system:

  • Enhanced security — Through access control solutions, you only allow authorized visitors to enter your property. This helps prevent undetected strangers, reduce the risk of theft or accidents and improve overall safety.
  • Increased visitor transparency — Always know who’s coming and going with an access control gate. This type of entrance can track every entry and exit for better visitor transparency.
  • Greater everyday efficiency — Make it easier and more convenient to get in and out of a property through a gate with motorized controls. An access control panel eliminates the need for keys.


From remote entry to keypads and intercom systems, there are a variety of security gates available today. The type of access control system you choose will depend on your property and its traffic.

In some cases, you may prefer a remote control with a receiver and keypad at the gate. This allows you to authorize visitors to enter one at a time. In busier locations, telephone entry is an option. Talk to our experts to explore the possibilities and find the right choice for your location.


When working with First Fence Company, we will map out a detailed design for your system. If we are adding the system to an existing gate, we will start by installing a control panel, followed by sensors and the access control gate.


Since 1989, First Fence Company has stood out in the Chicagoland fencing market. When you choose us, you benefit from a team that is customer-focused, knowledgeable and eager to serve you. Clients prefer us for our superior service, outstanding product quality and clear communication. If you’re thinking about adding an entry gate call box, let us help.

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