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Industrial Fencing In Chicagoland

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Whether it’s an industrial privacy fence around a garbage enclosure or barbed wire fences around an area you need to keep extra secure, First Fence Company provides a large selection of quality industrial fencing in Chicagoland to help you complete your property.


Available in diverse designs and materials, our fences provide plenty of options for fitting your site. Whether you need a reliable way to section off an apartment complex garbage area or a durable, industrial chain link fence to surround the perimeter of your property, First Fence Company can help!

To give you a few examples of where our industrial scissor security gates and fences work, here are some typical places where you may find them:

  • Garbage enclosures
  • Perimeters around buildings or recreational fields
  • Security enclosures (including concertina/razor wire and barbed wire)


Versatile enough to surround apartment complexes and security enclosures, industrial fences offer several key benefits that make them desirable:

  • Pet or animal safety: At kennels, dog runs, farms or other locations where animal safety is important, an industrial fence offers the durable enclosure you need. Keep animals from accidentally escaping into traffic, neighborhoods or other places where they could be in danger.
  • Enhanced security: Nothing boosts security quite like industrial fencing wrapped around an area. You can get it in various heights in order to prevent access, and you can add barbed wire to make it even more secure.
  • Child protection: Whether it’s kids at a day care facility or an apartment complex, protecting kids from getting into the street or into areas of danger is paramount. This fencing offers a resilient, reliable way to protect little ones.
  • Easy maintenance and repairs: It’s easy to repair fencing damage when you’re using this kind of fencing — especially when you enlist the help of experts like the professionals at First Fence Company. Because it is simple to repair, it’s an option that can last you well into the future.
  • Lots of design options: Far more than just chain link fencing, these products come in a wide range of designs and styles today.


In business since 1989, First Fence Company  stands out today as one of the area’s finest and most recognized fencing providers. We pride ourselves on quality materials, expert service and professionalism every step of the way. When you’re looking for the kind of craftsmanship that you can count on, we’re the fencing provider to trust. Learn more about the possibilities for industrial automatic gates and security fencing by looking through our gallery below — or contact us any time to set up a consultation!