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​How We Work

Serving the Chicago metropolitan area, First Fence Company maintains transparency and open communication throughout your entire project. Our fence installation company manages both residential fence installation and commercial fence installation for clients. Whether you’re interested in vinyl, chain link, aluminum or wood fence installation in Chicago, you can trust us to get it done right. From the initial consultation through the successful build, we’re here to answer questions, help you make smart choices and deliver a positive experience.

While each project is different, the outline below provides a high-level view of what it’s like to work with us. Let our fence installation contractors know if you have any questions – 708-547-7555.

Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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Start the Process

  • Sign the bottom of your contract and mail or fax it to First Fence.
  • Mail us a check for 50% of the project total. You can also fax or call in your credit card information.

Get Your Permit

  • Bring a copy of your contract, as well as a copy of your plat of survey, to your village or city office.

The plat of survey is a legal document that you usually receive when you close on the sale of your home. If you do not have one, you may be able to contact your village for a copy. Otherwise, you can hire a survey company to create this document for you.

Please note: First Fence can obtain a city permit for you; however, there is a $100 fee (plus the cost of your village permit). If you choose this option, First Fence needs your plat of survey at the time of purchase.

All cities differ. Please check with our salesperson to determine the exact requirements.


Prepare the Property Line

Trim all bushes and trees from your property line. If you would prefer not to do this, First Fence can do it at the rate of $40 per hour.


Prepare for Installation

  • Make sure water and electricity are available for your crew.
  • Have a copy of your plat of survey available for the crew to review.

Prepare for Dirt Haul

When we dig up the postholes for your fence, we remove quite a bit of dirt. There are two options:

  • Pick an area where we can place the dirt on your property. You can reuse this dirt or haul it away yourself.
  • First Fence can haul it away for $7 per hole.

Flag All Underground Sprinklers and Gas Grill Lines

  • First Fence will contact JULIE on your behalf to flag underground utility lines (Nicor, ComEd, Comcast, etc.). You do not need to do this.
  • However, you do need to flag or mark underground sprinklers and irrigation systems, as well as gas lines for BBQ grills. Please do this before First Fence arrives.
  • When First Fence arrives, please point out the markings or flags to the crew.

Please note: First Fence is not responsible for hitting unmarked lines.


Submit Final Payment

  • Upon completion of work, please submit your final payment to the crew via cash, check, or credit card.
Illustration of a fence free estimate form - First Fence

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