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First Fence Company is the cedar fence contractor you can trust to provide, install and repair cedar fencing for your home or business. Backed by a team of dedicated professionals, our cedar fence installation, construction and maintenance are second to none. We have decades of experience in Chicagoland and are known throughout the area for our exceptional craftsmanship and service. Whether you want to add privacy to your backyard or increase the value of your commercial property, our cedar fences are the answer.

Benefits of a Cedar Wood Fence

There are many qualities and features that make cedar fences stand out among fencing options today, even compared to PVC or other wood options. Here are a few of the key benefits:

  • Durability — Cedar is incredibly durable. In fact, it’s one of the most durable fencing materials you can buy. Even without any sort of chemical treatment, a cedar fence is naturally able to last longer than most other types of fences. This makes it a great investment for your property — one that can go the distance with you.
  • Insect Resistance — Thanks to the natural oils in cedar, it’s able to effectively resist both decay and insects, which only increases its durability and resilience over time.
  • Beauty — Cedar is also beautiful and timeless, a material that’s always in style. The same oils that make cedar resistant to decay and insects maintain its natural beauty over time. When you compare an aging cedar fence to other forms of wood fencing, you’ll find the cedar has usually weathered better.
  • Privacy— Another great benefit of a cedar privacy fence is how it blocks views from passers-by. Want to enjoy your backyard in more seclusion? Looking for a way to be outside without being bothered by neighbors? Cedar is a great choice.

While every type of fencing has its advantages, it’s hard to beat the perks of cedar. Stain it to control its color, or let its natural hue weather to gray over time — the choice is yours. When you’re looking for an attractive, resilient, high-quality fence material, cedar will meet your needs.

Why Choose First Fence Company

When you’re looking for a cedar fence in Chicago for your home or business, come to First Fence Company. Since our founding in 1989, we’ve established ourselves as the area’s leading fence provider, handling all kinds of residential, commercial and specialty jobs. We also use only the highest quality materials, which is why cedar fencing is one of our specialties. Our knowledgeable staff will offer you a competitive price per linear foot for cedar fencing along with exceptional service. As part of our huge catalog of fencing materials, we’re pleased to provide the beautiful, durable, privacy-enhancing cedar fence you want for your home or business. Even better, First Fence Company isn’t just your source for new fencing, but also for any repairs you may need to your existing fence. Contact us today to learn more.

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